The Garden

We have lived in the manor house as a family for nearly 13 years and I would like to share the beautiful gardens with you. I open the gardens during the year for visitors and private groups. At various times of the year, I will be running workshops learning how to create seasonal arrangements from the selection of flowers and greenery from the gardens. If you would like to find out more, please email me.

Tennis Court

My parents-in-law moved to Knighton Manor in 1953 and the layout hasn’t changed. In the summer the lawn becomes a grass tennis court. Tennis is part of the family and our son runs a tennis coaching business.

We scarify all our lawns every year and they are finally looking like true lawns thanks to the purchase of our scarifier, one of our best purchases. Unfortunately in April and May the badgers come in and dig for insect larvae, but much to our relief the lawns always recover.

Visit: Henry Lamb Tennis for more details about tennis coaching.

Swimming Pool

This pool was the first pool built in the valley in the 1960s. It is a very deep pool which is different to the swimming pools built today. When we moved in we installed new paving stones and a liner which transformed the look of the pool.

Sadly the badger is digging this lawn and two other lawns – we cannot keep them out. The flowers are designed to come out in July and August when one is most likely to be swimming. This is a lovely area to relax and a wonderful hiding place.

Top Garden

These beds have been re cut to their present shape and the flower design by Linda Coggin. Again Badger trouble but the seat at the top of the garden gives a lovely view north over the farmland across the valley.


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