The Livestock

I grew up on a farm and as a child helped with looking after the livestock and working on the agricultural side of things. It was an outdoors lifestyle, where we ate our own produce and cooked everything from fresh. My ambition for Knighton Manor is to replicate this and share it with others. I produce top quality pork and lamb and my chickens lay the brightest yellow yolked eggs.

The Chickens
These live behind the fence that looks like it should house a giraffe! This is because until we had that fence, the fox or badger came in 8 times over 12 years and decimated the chickens many times over. They are a hybrid chicken bred just to lay eggs – I keep the chickens for about two years and then sell on.

We brought them indoors during the avian flu scare but they hated the restrictions so much that they starting pecking each other to death literally! In the summer we have to creosote the inside to keep red mite at bay and also use lice powder. But they are happy healthy chickens and the eggs are available at the gate.


Caroline Lamb
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